Welcome to the world of
Hannah Louise Hinson
Born on September 29, 2000
at 1:45 pm

Hello world, my name is Hannah. I thought I'd give you a look at my first few days out of the womb and in the real world.

Am I upset or what? I gave up a warm, cozy little nook with free womb service for this? (And to add insult to injury, just look at that hat--doesn't anyone here know anything about fashion?)

I said no nudes, but they promised it would be tasteful! Seriously, here they are just about to take my measurements. They haven't measured my head yet, but my mommy says it must have been this big!

(By the way, I weighed 6 lb 5 oz and was 18.5 Inches long. Oh, and my head was only 13.25 inches around--I wonder why my mommy thought it was so much bigger?)

This is my family. I think I like my mom and dad, and of course they're proud of me!

But let's focus in on the important piece of that picture. (What was I thinking there? Oh yeah, "Oh no, the hat has gone from bad to worse!")

AHHHHH! What's she going to do??? And where did she put my hand???

Whoa, what's this? Careful now! Wait a minute. Soft, sweet, tender. A little moist...

Awe, I guess that wasn't so bad after all.

(And they got me in yet another hat. I think they're obsessed with head coverings!)

I'm in my car seat and ready to head home! (The hat is now pink--not so bad, but I still can't find my hands!)

And I finally make it home. Hmmm... let's take a closer look (see the next picture)

Let me think here. Am I supposed to look cool or just silly? Hey, don't answer that! Anyway, I guess I'm pretty content with my new home.

AHHHH! Now what? Oh no, they have a dog. I did not get the memo on this one! What's her name? Dixie? Well, I guess she's okay, as long as she knows her place!

That's all for now. More pictures might be added in the future (once my daddy has a chance to scan in pictures--these were taken off his camcorder (by stark tforge tech)). It was nice seeing you here!